Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Experimental toolbox

trying to build a 3D toolbox for multimedia content development project, coz still rushin for photojournal assignment, so can onli complete it draftly

THE toolbox, without any detail, arghhhh :/

wow its openable~

THE wireframe

looks like a treasure box more than a toolbox

done, time to sleep, nid to hand up progression to 2 pretty ladies later, argghhh.... bad dreams

Monday, July 28, 2008

HomerBrick@football match

hi im homer here, from now on i will bring u guys to check out my owner, ah fishy punya secret college life in homerbrick@ post, so... since im fking sleepy although im jz a toy teddy, so lets stop wasting time on intro, i hav nothin to intro also, jz nid to rmb im as hemsem as my owner enuf le, GG

so, lets switch the scene to his weekly activity, FOOTBALL~ wahahahha, my owner r supernoob in tis, wahahahaha, he nvr goal at all, often fall down n bleed, heading to ppl's face, etc etc, ahahahahaha, all noob act (ehemm....) alrite, too much craps, check out the pics below ba

here goes,

curi tulang n camho wif sexyfootball when all of them r playin bhind

OMG im on tree, super nice view here, GG
n tis is the fellow who put me on tree, MonkeyKing Joshua
nonid shy la, clap clap hand for u

alrite end of 1st post, not much pic taken coz none of them ada masa lapang play wif me, sien, k la, nite dude, hope u guys enjoy the pics :/

Sunday, July 27, 2008


after the Vitas, i had made some researchs on tis fellow, 盧廣仲 aka Lu Guang Zhong in English.
found nothin, coz too concentrate on his own created music clip... try to jz listen to his voice, very clean, DAMN NICE

n hmmm any1 saw his album in M'sia b4? the album name shuld b "100 kind of lifestlye", err somethin lik tat... kindly inform me if saw


n ohya, if u wanna utube it, try these keywords : 盧廣仲, 好想要揮霍


jz came back from convo, gratz again for all the graduates

actually the main purpose i been there... ehem.. main purpose is to congratz graduate buddies, OF COZ, n incidentally to do some shootings for photojournal assignment too, lol

theme tis time is to mix my homerbrick together wif college life, will let him b the main character in the photos but, it's 100% life of mine

done 40% shooting, all haven edit yet : /

will post once done, coming soon~~

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vitas - Opera#2

watch tis clip together wif classmates today, totally speechless
Original Version from Vitas, his falsetto is SUPERB

n another version from 盧广仲, a taiwanese, both super cool

enjoy =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That's how we survive

3 more weeks to final submission, time bcome tighter but still, none of us feel tension bout it, as usual, lalala~ tats how we survive

assignments r heavy enuf, but activities always heavier, entertainment always heaviest, lol tats how we survive

i don really hav professional grade punya skill, godlike punya workstation, but i confirm im still owning a passionate youth shuld mempunyai punya soul, life goes on, yea tats how we survive

anyway it doesn really matter, jz a midnite craps, as usual

nite world, lalala~

Random art 004

some old artpieces to upload since im formatting my external, n so gonna burn into dvd to avoid tragedy happens again (i lost all the artworks during diploma life together wif my notebook... damn..)

alrite is the "Hear me Roar!" 3 series poster assignment, i don really rmb the theme, basically is try to warn people bout the situation of poor childs around the world facing currently, yea kinda like tat, show ur love to them if hav the capability

here goes,

b4 PS, lighting n angle sux, don hav skill in photography

after PS, well Photoshop is tricky enuf

homerbrick*rmb to clean me up after shooting k... sob*

emm, the background... located at my backyard... homerbrick*YUCKS*

lastly, posing! say cheeeeeese

hmmm tats all, credits to the muddy hero, homerbrick, who sleep on my table now(its clean), n same sibeh sleepy here, jz stop at here ba, nite world~

enjoy =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Random art 003

nothin much to say, my mind is stucking, cant process craps

below is another result of idealess brainstorm for FYP, gosh... im kinda bored of mind stuck

lack of tool makes me cant start at all, geeez c, another lame reason for myself, but really hope can get own notebook asap : /

here goes the idealess, design is lame, jz tried to count n measure the polygons tat will b use in 3Dmax in future

aiks... in future...

enjoy =(

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gundam 00 R2 trailer

yea no doubt its the trailer of Gundam 00 round2, lazy to post the plot, google it by urself ba =(

woot~ really hope Oct falls asap,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Political Chessboard

jz back from a FANTASTIC football match, im totally cure now, no sorethroat, no fever, yea in mandarin we call it the years of youth is built by sweat, no wonder la, kekekekeke *ketawa manis*

n when i read through the newspaper after bath as usual, the title in main page still so shockly as usual, "Anwar been arrested / Raja Petra been arrested", hmmm...

i don feel like comment on which side is better, who really benefit/destroy Malaysia tat kinda rubbish stuff, but after reading the 1st thing comes in mind is, the same people in my age do they really care bout our current politacal situation ? u know de lo...

im not talking about u support DAP, BN or wat... tats totally confidential n pointless, wat im trying to say is, don treat the Politic things is dirty or something we wont get through, read more n explore more by urself, don jz listen to spreaded rumor, if can... plz hav ur own political position, the better la... emm..

i dunno how to say la, one of the reason i talk like this is because we will go into the society soon, 1 year more mayb or even some of our frens had placed themselves into it. time goes faster than we thought always. Thus, we nid to deal wif this kinda things oftenly. Having a sensitivity of politic will help for sure, n the best is havin ur own sensitivity la without affect by others... confirm la..

n still i dunno how to say, lived on this land for 20 years n for sure u will have some special feelings to it too rite (hardly explain but confirm got de la), aiks...

nothin much to say, jz trying to giv some blesses to Malaysia Terkini (not to the politician), the country tat i been living for 20 years

Jiayou Jiayou~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bloody Basketball

Somethin seriously bad happen on me after back from basketball training, check out the picture below to understand how badly the situation was

im not onli badly injured, OMG i had lost my thumb!!!
walao without thumb i cant type, cant hold a spoon, cant xxx... ehemm... n cant even continue on assign!! WTF
but hmmm seriously, its onli a joke, LOL *not funny at all*

jz felt bit uncomfortable + fever +sorethroat + bone (feelike) breaking after the training, its very common for sportnoob like me, my thumb? don wori its still there

but not really fine, i strain the muscle, f*cking pain n i cant even hold a spoon tightly for real = =

still waiting for its recovery to continue on assign but.... tmr still got another football training to attend, wahahahah T___T *ketawa pahit*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FYP Symptomatology

For ur information, FYP means Final Year Project here. yea is the thing tat every advance diploma student nid to bother with b4 their grand graduation.

Geezzzz.... i think im not the onli one who struggle in this matter. The Final Year Project we nid to hand up coming nearer silently, 6-7 more months actually... but the time always seems to b say long not long, say short not short b4 the submission, aiks

although i might b able to say tat i already used to this kinda lifestyle, but since its for the one n onli FYP , for sure we will always try to break through our limit don't we? stress is still okay, lack of skills is the main problem here, sometimes jz feel lik wanna scream to the sky :OMG, who can teach me 3D n other stuffs in PROFESSIONAL WAY??

but end up no one will answer me, nothin will fall from sky also of coz... so most of the time i will feel disappointed n knock my head on wall 50 times n sit on floor n cry gaogao. Emm, im jz kidding, of coz

SKILLS ar, show up pls

.... aik, nvm la, jz craps. alrite its time to post my noobart again, since i plan to model n animate a 3D robot in my FYP, the design of robot shuld comes in 1st, but frankly im stuck n lost... aiks, mayb more efforts n times r needed... here goes some brainstorms for FYP, enjoy

emmmm the design itself is bit deviant from original plan d
Screaming Skull
plan to create tis kinda feel punya robot, but still lack of somethin

hmmmm... to complete a FYP within 200 days is... is like say hard not hard, say easy not easy.... but i do enjoy the process well, currently jz feel lik myself is a combination of 95% design soul n 5% handsomism(ehem...) lol..

so for AMLers, jiayou ba!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random art 002

hmmm... its already 4.01am at my side, 1st question comes in mind is, y im here? im suppose to continue in my assignment n done it as quickly as i can so tat i can take a sweet nap b4 tmr morning class

but y im here? y im here? the main reason is because MY LINE IS F*CKING LAG NOW, OMFG, i nid to use the line to do research, research and midnite entertainment punya le

n the reason y i so damn d*lan is because its doesn really related to Streamyx, the main cause here is my lovely housemate, wakao

thx to them for downloading non-stop
thx to them for breaking the rules tat no download during midnite, strictly sumore they said
thx to them for scolding me when i found n unplug one of their lines when u curi-curi download
thx to them for inviting profesional downloaders to our house
thx to them for every little f*cking things they have done

Credits for u, nah nah nah

eiiishh..... luckily im not those revenge type of housemate, u know la, if one day u found tat ur cable is burning when u wake up, its totally not related to me okay? i know u know 1 also la, all so professional d hor


aiks... nvm la lets post something related to arts, cool me down ba

alrite i put some of my latest sketches ba, since previous sketches have all gone together with my notebook T__T, aiks....

here goes, some sketches tat done during ChoiZes

Predalien in my mind, not really the same since i nvr watch AVP b4 :/

Tiki man, one of my game character during diploma

done, n guess the onli thing i can do after this is sleep straightly, good nite world~

wish b4 sleep : hope some1's cable really kena burn by someday

yea, sweet dreams~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MUD - Behind the scene part2

Happy Sunday!

jz came back from juniors's graduation n feel lik OMG they r so fresh compare to Super old senior like me : / anyway proud of them n best wishes at the same time to my buddies
n well, since there r still few more hours b4 the 2nd batch of graduates come out, i jz use the time to post the rest of MUD's pics ba

here goes,
Poster content part

basically the theme is to show the interaction btw multimedia n students, n the image appear in mind is something like guy + computer + gal, hmmm... kind like each will link to another automatically....
hmmm, so i began in AI and PS, but the result was pretty SUX... ha...ha...shame of myself *sigh*

So, end up i was using 3D again, as a curi tulang way to present my idea
the draft b4 render, (students in toilet man style XD)

After render wif skylight

in the end it comes out something lik this, toilet family set : /

besides of the visual design, there r still something EXTRA, ngek ngek ngek~ which is....

T-SHIRT!! lol

front view

alrite times up, back to study... arghhh

n as usual, some bonus pics to entertain

enjoy =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

MUD - Behind the scene part1

the 2nd course event from Advance Diploma of Multimedia Design (ooh we r from TARC), MUD a.k.a Multimedia Union Day has successfully ended by 2 weeks ago, n since many of them have posted quite a lot of photos that taken during event, hmmm... then i jz post some bulk art pieces for logo n others ba :/

here goes,

logo part

idea 1 - trying to create mechanical feel but don really
hav talent on it, so.... banned luu

idea 2 - simply sketch lo, nothin else, wahahaha

hmmm, after many tries in AI n PS, still fail to create some simple n nice feel logo, so... soo... so...
i decide to curi tulang by using 3D, wahahaha

after few hours playing with 3D, comes out somethin lik this,

a simple 3D text + skylight punya logo closer view

and after adding material n perspective adjustment(n PS), here goes the final result

hmmmm.... tats all for the logo part, since my side now havin heavy + stormy rain, so i will continue the others at 2nd post ba : /

hope u guys enjoy with it =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Random art 001

To show how disappointed i was since failed to buy a Wacom last nite, i decided to post something related to it like PS coloring artworks, hmmmm.... done by long long time ago, to remind me must BUY A WACOM since my skill still remain at a very low level.... aiks....

here goes,

the original (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama/Silver Soul) After PS
hmmmm.... wonder how it looks like if i was using a wacom painting, hope to get it asap : /

n at last, some sohai edited artpiece to end this topic, lol

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Macross still ROCK~

i found this while surfing through those daily visit gundam blog, kinda shock when listening to these songs inside

it is some songs from Macross Frontier, yea MACROSS ROCK~

here is the clip, n got total of 4 songs inside, all vocal by Megumi Nakajima which is some1 i don really know, lol, but trust me u will deeply impress by her voice inside tis clip

1. "Interstellar Flight/星間飛行"
2. "Aimo"
3. "Cat Diary"
4. "Do you remember love?"

n.... another bonus track from Macross cm, lol

enjoy =)

Very 1st Header

Here goes my very first Header for tis blog,

alrite i done tis in 5 mins since some1 waiting for me to dine wif her, gg

lol anyway enjoy plezz

Hy-dam Comes Alive!!

emmm since i finished my cyber law writting earlier than my expectation, and wow, think still got 30 minutes something before the crazy downloaders inside my house wake up n start their activities... SO, i decide to follow the queue to post some images of my photo montage assignment, Hybrid Come Alives!!

Basically it is all about Hy-dam , means Hybrid + Gundam, kinda lame... SO ppl there (voice by Yarshi), enjoy plezz

Here goes,

its the 1st time spending quite long time to do the kinda photo montage, hope u guys enjoy

time to sleep, zzzz

hurray~~ for nothing

alright after seeing so many superb fancy blog from my dudy frens, finally i start blogging in english version in this boring night so call Aaaaaaasssssss-ignment night

so lets begin somethin fun kinda like art, but im PRETTY lazy so update will SURE be very very slow since i never tidy up my super bulky art pieces.... zzz

update is coming soon.... *perhaps*