Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gundam 00 R2 Short Crap

1 more week to go, enjoy the 2nd trailer 1st

by the way still thinking tat, when BANDAI going to release MG EXIA?

Exia appeared in 0.14 - 0.16, strike back? o.o

n in 0.30 the guy wif a doggy mouth on him, eiii is him Allelujah?

well well pay more patient, 1 more week left!

Being AMLer, in Klang this time

still at hometown, spending times wif 2ndary schoolmates, i miss them lots T-T

thought will update tis after back to KL but since im quite free... SO, lets giv my blog an update~

TARC AML gang came to my hometown few days ago, for 2d/1n.. y Klang? coz no budget + easy to plan + leng zai banyak in Klang, main reason will b the 3rd, lol

so wat have we done in these 2 days, let the pictures do the talk, bah

Nature Jump in Taman Pertanian!
*special thx to the red shirt ape, he sent me the photos, nice pose wei*

AML blogger gang are rdy to steamboat!
top: WCH, Dylan, Joshua, Lengzai me, Balitong
bottom: Fai, Cheekin, Loong, Mun, Kim

hmmm im not the 1st to mention, but i don mind repeat it again.. "Prince WCH, open blog la wei!!!"

okay la will update details after back to KL, gonna meet up wf ex-schoolmate again later, cant wait =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hometown Mood

at hometown now, went to taman pertanian wif buddies last nite, now still whole body pain.. emmm try to update details asap, don hav source at all *wei mun, share photos wei*

found tis in youtube, stop motion animation, but tis 1 is totally different, y? because IT WAS PAINTED ON WALL! WTF

k la gonna clean up my future room now, ciao

Friday, September 26, 2008

Maggi Style update

will back to Klang n enjoy the sweetness of hometown by tmr, so b4 tat lets giv my blog a quick update

THE ironman, err haven done yet, im slow i know

alrite done wif my 5mins update, jz lik Maggi, fast n errr... sux, lol

fine fine, LETS sem break~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do u Gunpla today?

i always thought tat im the onli who addicted to Gundam Model Kits, but lets C.. went to TimeSquare wif usual gang n c wat they had bought

each of them bought 1 Gundam = =

Mun's HG Exia, Dylan's Throne Eins, Cheekin's 赵云 n Joshie's Kyrios

not so rich here, but found this in TS, wow Dengeki Hobby vol.7, in mandarin sumore, lucky me

part time job has been cancelled due to the milky case, fine fine.. 1 more week left but wow, lets plan some activities!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jom part time!

back from Klang moments ago, waiting for confirmation of another part time, another bullshit sales kind like part time job, kinda tired of these d..

so c wat i had done so far during my sem break

Digi postpaid, ur smarter choice always, not digi user so no comment on it, but the smartest choice for me is jeez, no more Digi postpaid promoter nx time

Wall's Viennetta, hidup biar sedap! promote plus sampling the lastest product of Wall's in petrol station, alone.. crap.. sounds tough but not really, bit enjoy this job actually

Digi Vs Wall's, feel lik jz the same.. actually quite enjoy being promoter years ago, but no longer d, salary is the onli considerantion now

yea wat i really nid is money now, yea materialistic im, but at least i earn it by myself n gain some life experiences as extra gifts, so wat?

yes, so Wat's Next?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Magazine Mood

bought this at Kinokuniya, KLCC last nite

Dengeki Hobby Vol.10, in japanese language, i dun even know how to read, but no choice la, big fans of it

c the comparison btw Taiwan punya Dengeki Hobby

hmmmm actually i prefer mandarin version but found it no way, any1 know where can buy?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holiday Practical

havin my semester break now, few more days to go b4 part time starts

my sem break, hmmm not really fun, kinda bored coz don hav money to slack here slack there... nah its okay, more prefer putting myself in front of computer n do some personal stuffs

so tis is wat im doing currently, will post it once done

still, all the best for exam taker n belated birthday wishes to my god-sis, since i forget to greet her on birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

November Cicak

found tis advertisment in MPH, kinda surprise n yes, recall me somethin SUX

yes is Cicak2, the local super hero movie (not tat super either)... n now strikes back in 2nd episode, 'Planet Hitam'

not to talk bout the effect or storyline things, y i say SUX is because KRU, the publisher n also the production studio i worked as intern

yes we took part in Cicak2 post production too, did some 3D buildings, bomb's components n rotoscop the green screen shoots.. not really important part la, don hav good skill

everythin jz fine but tragedy hides, i lost my lappy at KRU during the 2nd last week of internship, company kena broke in during lunch break.. the reason i know is because the careless of staff... n here goes the most dulan part, when those high coms received the news, this is wat they said:

"do u backup all the Cicak's things?" "Important scenes got copy into server not?"

its okay, i understand tats the things they use to earn money, although not so super

but when i asked for this:

"how bout my lappy? can claim back not?"

this is all i got:

".........." they zip their mouths

n few days after i got another answer, more confirm 1:

"no we wont, its consider personal fault, who ask u to bring ur own lappy?"



1stly, i came for internship, i wanna learn somethin k, since the department i worked in don hav PC for me at all, shuldn i bring my lappy?

2ndly, who ask me to bring? can i say is u, KRU the cicak company? everday gav task to us but never spare us PC, then? how to do, sohai la

.... the story wasnt tat long, we don get any hope from the very beginning

my internship ended at May, was 3 months ago, still zero response from them, guess so

back to the picture, c the date released, 21 November 2008 .... tats my birthday, means they theater it on my birthday as an apology? = =

tonnes of shit...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Being AMLer

lets make it fast, fking tired now

A group shot after paintball, straight away went there after the last paper of our college life *yes no more exam*

Group Studies + Exam + Paintball + Swimming + Crip-Crap... hmmm not bad ar

Yea im fking tired now, but heart said fking enjoy man! very very enjoy being part of AMLers

will update details soon, din sleep for days, nite all =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FYP sketches

sketches of the 3D robot, WAVE-C001 in our final year project

yes in 3D, hope can do it perfectly especially in animation part

the front n rear view

wif some experimental movements

nid to practice alot after exam, but b4 tat jz let me take a short term break from assignments n have some funs wif my crazy gang 1st, wuuhooo~

done wif update, time for CP

Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Sheet!

introducing Tbun WCG DotA winner 2008 for teamplay, MotorBoy~!


yes believe it not, we accidentally saw this competition while going Tbun, n accidentally won the game, phew i can tell u is FKING HARD to won but i wanna say thousand of thx to my partner, sohai WCH, thx for being tanker n feeder in whole game, lol

now i wonder wat can i do wif the RM4,000?

alrite wanna continue study d, 1 more paper to go

don believe? its okay.. lastly, jz wanna say.......

c the label of my post n u'll know

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome to the 60's!

I had finished Cyber Laws, ROAR! 1 paper left but langsung takder exam punya feel d, lol

Any1 watch the movie "Hairspray" b4? jz like high school muscial but more to 60's, yea im so in luv wif jazzy 60's! the songs r SUPERB, will strike ur mind after listening even for once

hmmm lets show u my favorite

Without Love - Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Elijah Kelly n Amanda Bynes

You can't stop the beat - Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelley, John Travolta n Queen Latifah

omg Amanda Bynes is so damn sweet~ enjoy being 60's there =)

tats all, gonna prepare myself n back to Klang soon, to attend fren's 21st, Happy bday to him

n yet, all the best for those in exam, add oil add oil

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cyber Crap

half day more for the 1st paper, Cyber Law, although so far we called it as the hardest paper in our college lifes *hmmm mayb me onli la*, but after several of group studies, score is no more a dream!

notes r everywhere

thx for those who spent times n shared their knowledges together, GG.. lets C wat we can do by tmr, c ya =)

Belated BBQ post

a belated post of last saturday BBQ

pictures of foods? don hav lo, all ate like hungry ghost where got time to snap

so? so onli WE inside the picture lu, bite me wan?

THE BBQ community members, b4 they get drunk

ooii don lan yaoyeng, mouyeng at all *exclude me* ya la, they r fking drunk *exclude me pls*
ARrghh! abnormal posers
mouyeng 2nd pose *exclude me too*
yea we cant get any better pose whole nite *exclude me k*

lol ignore all the silly italic, very enjoy the BBQ, really hope can make it again somedays

alright time to bed, one last Cyber Law punya studygroup is waitin for me, hmmm for Tarcian lik me, good luck in ur exam too, nite =)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

MTV assignment - Mungkin Nanti

take a break from notes, lets post somethin "somethin"~

hmmmm suddenly rmb some detik-detik during my diploma years, kinda good memories i had, the mtv taken in 5th sem, video classes i think, 5 men's work: JP, Balitong, Fai, Darren n me, "Mungkin Nanti" by Peterpan

hmmm let the lyrics talk better, enjoy =)

noted: the video is nothin related to gay k, pls control ur imagination

ohya last thing, WARNING: there is a haunted part in this video, think b4 watch k.. in which part? lol figure out urself

*shhhh.... go to 2.52 mins there cc*

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random art 007

Study group is the best!

spent 6 hours Discuss + Crap + Gossip wif gangs at JJ McD, at least can feel im getting nearer to 50marks, yes PASS is enuf for me, fking enuf k

after update tis post will straight go to bed, prepare for another 20hours non-stop Cyber Law-ing, gosh hope Ms.Neo or either her anak angkat, Neoshua is rite bside me to make my revison easier

hmmm long time no sketch, so i create tis, another unamed creature, enjoy =)

nite all, don forget tagline of the week "WE Love Cyber Law", sweet dreams~*gg*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Exam Mode Activated

Ball Festival - check
3D presentation - check
BBQ - check
Bakuteh - check

+ Date wif feifei - check

well so finally i finish all the activities, perhaps i can study better now

"how's the activities? photos n details pls?" well since im not photographer n damn broken in english, so visitlah Mun the hensem, DG the merdeka boy, Joshie the AGseeker n Balitong the lenggay *commercial time*

alrite gonna make a new plan for following days:

- Study group gaogao
- Confirm my partime
- Settle my assignment needs for nx sem
- last but not least, 1 blog update

so tats all, good luck for all the exam babies~

*ohya n thx to sohai hensem mun, Hairspray soundtrack sibeh nice, thumbs up!*