Friday, October 31, 2008

THE Agent, sometimes Jester

alright finally 2.30am, will sleep for 2 hours, as i promised to myself, try to continue those sketchy things after wake up... if can =(

hmmmm lets post something b4 tat *spam post*

saw this in fren's blog, Mental Health Week in TARC, organized by Student Affair Department aka SAD n some PR students if not mistaken.. blah blah blah blah *fast forwarding*

I jz wanna post this fellow =)

THE Origami animals made by him, guess who
walao... got dinosaur sumore
lol is Johnny the jester agent, as Origami Guru this time

For ur information, he was once our lecturer in english subject during diploma, quite miss his daily jokes =)

one of the origami he gave us, lying inside drawer now, do u keep them ex-DMLers?

phewww done, another midnite given to FYP, time has bcome my hanging pants, tight tight tight..

hey time, do u mind longgar a bit? = =

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In The Mood

went to KLCC for High School Musical 3 noon jz now, hmmm a so so movie, im still in loved wif Hairspray, nothin to comment, watch it by urself

then Kinokuniya again, n guess wat.. Daigeki Hobby of coz, in double this time! alamak la, another MUST BUY, k totally broke for this month, sial

Costly Magazine, fate of big fans = =
final sem makes life simple, its all bout FYP now, stress n joy.. hmmmm glad tat im soooo in the mood

Sketchy Sketches for our FYP

week 4 now, 8 weeks remain, all the best AMLers!

k going consultation later, sleep

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CSG2 Sketches - Educational Group

back from CSAG yamcha gang, mention bout annual gathering this time, PD or pool side party? i very cincai 1.. anyway most challenging part was the date, week 11... dunno will crush wif FYP submission not, eish bit wori but emmm, quite excited lah.. consider the last formal gathering b4 graduate

lets continue wif CSG2 post b4 get into weblog proposal writting *eish no idea at all*

alright educational group comes in 1st

group ldr mr.CheeYeong, very slim n hensem
hey i praise u so, go plan the Pulau Ketam or Malacca trip k =)

PeiYu, stay in TBR too but seldom meet her, once in a year mayb :/
time to show up ladies!

PuiSean, hmmmm i think ur booklet still wif me..
lol better get it from me b4 i graduate k

Fui Bin, disappeared after xiaxiang..
show up show up, ur group leader miss u all soooo =D

Chee Kit, one of the Flushy Ranger, hilang diri too
yoooo where's ur Flushy Spirit?

Siew Ting, pro in martial art n emmm...
crap tat i hardly understand, lol

David aka long fur, vey flushy, 废材一条
future trip organizer, am i right XD

phewww.. 5 more pending posts for CSG2, its okay, feel fun to post them, but i prefer seeing real 1, hey David, wanna organize something BIG lik annual gathering? go ahead u flushy long fur, kekeke...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Crap

back from Kinrara's Giant, Walls ice-cream promoter again, product had changed to Mini poppers *damn mini*, taste quite okay.. but the slogan damn annoying la, a lot of ppls saying something lik this around me

"proper lah"
"proper LAHHHHHH"

fking annoying, not so proper lah k...

the job was definitely BORED n not really smooth coz of the milky case, still.. but got some fun parts also la.. lik nid to enter cold room non-stoply, taste the strawberry poppers non-stoply too... n know some Puchong guys n chicks.. hmmmm... not too fun either

i found balitong in market, as usual.. price listed RM7.99 per KG, n woah found part of myself too, suprisingly.. telur ikan aka 鱼春鱼蛋, RM12.99 per KG... eiii balitong u c u c, even my 春.. emmm my spring also mahal than ur 八粒洞

hmmmm feel so damn tired la, wanna end post d.. b4 tat lets post some crap 1st, although d promised them wont upload this but hey... kekekekekekee... *cant stop laughing*

few days ago heard weird sounds came out from fai's room, then this was the thing i saw when the door opened, hmmmmm.. explain their poses by urself


sori for disturb mr.oldman n, rmb to lock the door by nx time, enjoy the meal both of u =D

k done, sleep

Saturday, October 25, 2008

CSG2 Sketches - High Com

jz finis DotA wif oldman n JP, blog awhile b4 yamcha.. hmmmm lets continue wif the CSG2 post

errr... start wif high com 1st bah

CSG2 punya president, LayKee.. miss u a lot wei
+oil in ACCA paper la, feel free come Setapak yamcha ar

Vice pres ChengHaw, wei u too, feel free come back Setapak
n rmb dabao anything from Terengganu

discpline Ah Head, WeiMing, very lengzai coz he's from Klang too
don FFK again, Ms.KL very dissapointed k

treasurer KaiJia, PasangMui, also my SingK kaki at Klang
find time pergi SingK lagi wan?

Secretary SiewHui, PR chick, wuuuu~

Secretary Liming, i call her ah mei but u guys can call her红姨as well
n hey, time to format ur lappy d =/

lol while typing caption for each sketch remind me of their stupid faces nia, 2 more months left n im still waiting for ur yamcha PBL wei =)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Art 008

accidentally found my photoblog last nite, contain all of my sketches, phew i tot will nvr found them again after they gone together wif my ex-lappy =(

feel so wanna post this, sketches i draw for CSG2, some cartoon n words for them, as a gift b4 the group was disband, hmmmm somethin memorable

CSG2 group sketch

my partner, Ms.Kher Li, wei Happy 27th ar!

n me, the lengzai coordinator

will post all of them in future, 30++ sketches O.O

n hey CSG2, 2 years after n i still miss u guys a lot, so more n more gathering b4 my graduation k? =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

THE moment

hmmm already week3 in my college, FYI it also known as the final sem for all advance diploma 2nd year students.. n for AMLers, they r gonna start headache(or already started) for their FYP, the final assignment..

hmmmm n for our group, we had jz switch our final from TVC to GAME again, yea flash game, a not-so-easy decision n not-so-easy project, but talk about the motivation n confidence, yea no doubt GAME is the onli one.. feel pointless for keep struggling in things we not so familiar.. for me la at least, motion things r my weakness, damn..

back to market value , factor of reality.. quote from Mr.Allen:

"Do wat u really interested in, already final sem, u wont hav another chance to do things lik this after graduate, SO..."


yes, yes, yes, yes n yes again, strongly agree, thx sir n WCH for telling me his words =)

n im going to start my FYP now, officially.. will pause all my entertainment n inactive this blog temporarily

ohya n some words to AML screening team, since accidentally been chosen as comittee, eish another OMFG.. although don giv big hope on this event from the beginning, but aiks.. start to accept it la, will co-operate as well, jiayou jiayou screening team

fullstop here, they r waiting, my pencil n papers... yes LETS sketch!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Winner Takes it ALL

back from the MCA AGM, extausted.. *details in mandarin or english* check the result by urself in newspaper later, no big surprise

basically there's 100 of us as helpers there, we take all the job, bodyguard, waiter, door blocker, etc etc... *we work all day n work all night, n the winner takes it all, cheh*

anyway the most valuable experience shuld b tis

yes THE Vote-Counter, u cant win without us Dato'

alrite wanna sleep asap, woke up at early 4 for 2 days d, behtahan, felt myself getting older, like my dear fren oldman fai, ZzzZzzz

n ohya, if u accidentally saw me in headline tmr, no doubt tats me k, n pls inform me bah

a Short Crap to end this one:
me, NEW MCA president n the deputy president, guess a kind of food *in mandarin or cantonese, paiseh la banana*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Definition of Men

Men = Muscle = Medal

finally a medal b4 graduate, the one n onli, click on here for details

my HAPPY pose

but try not to challenge me k?

going MCA AGM tmr, 5am nid to gather d, lets sleep

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back into Art

eiish found tat my blog had flooded by life post lately... not a bad thing la but hey, this is an ART BLOG k? *click here, here n here, i say u click*

but since don hav any latest art piece *yes laziness*, lets post my diploma final sem project bah, a medieval feel ACT flash game, eiii but i took part in sketch n illustrate onli, flash noob k = =

the game name was THE Chronicle of Charme, but not really chronicle n not so charme la, lol

main character in COC, Danver, swordman plus spellcaster

still arranging the files, Lets Wallpaper 1st, eiiish suddenly so miss those old days

THE COMBO: chain1, 2 n 3

n in smaller size, for web purpose
THE crew

Balitong the hentai lover, ME the women lover, Fai the laoren zombie, JP the shemale gypsy, n Darren the Hamsaplou *all freak except me, no choice la i hold the pen*

hmmm, main purpose posting this is to remind myself tat is time to start my FYP, for advance diploma this time, but haih... hope so la

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ringo's Foyer GuestHouse

3rd post of Malacca, the place we stayed this time

anyone ever heard of Guest house b4? the guest house we stayed named Ringo's Foyer, many backpackers from other countries stop at here, n the rental was about RM35 per room, cheap rite?

THE tauke, Howard also damn nice, keep on introduce us foods n places to go, eishh.. it's not lik stayin in a hotel, people here all friendly friendly one

THE counter, jz lik ur grandma's house
feel like back to my childhood, kampung boy ma
wat else when a blogger meet wif PC? online-able sumore
THE historical one
TV room, movieful storage
roof top, u can enjoy Sun tan or BBQ here, but hey, sun bath at Malacca?
THE room, mine onli got fan, aircond 1 fully booked
THE legendary one, Howard the tauke
meet wif some backpackers from Germany, Canada n England, feel lik wanna backpacking wif them too

another tauke of Ringo's Foyer, Ringo, open a bar right beside Geographer Cafe, he sing on stage at night, manly voice *thumbs up*

Contact: +6016 668 8898, Howard
Address: 46A, Jalan Portugis 75200 Melaka, M'sia
Email :

so after viewing all my Malacca's post, feel wanna visit it? if the answer was yes then rmb ajak me along k =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Geographer Cafe

part2 of Malacca, Geographer Cafe in Jonker Walk this time

THE building outlook
Geographer, nothin related to ur form4 subject
THE pub

okay food's turn

Fresh Heineken FruitJuice anyone?
Veges Soup, look tasteless but quite spicy
Geographer's CurryRice, full of fresh veges.. hmmmm.. tastes so so
Black Pepper Chicken Chop, full of veges again, n tastes normal..
conclusion? in my lengzai expression

actually it was more to a pub, people all ordered beer, we're the onli table who ordered foods = = but the atmosphere was not bad la, suitable for Beer kaki

k feel hungry again, jom yamcha!