Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Art 012

can start count down for 2009 n FYP submission d, time fled so damn fast this year

how's FYP AMLers? hope fine, best luck =)

doing flash RPG as FYP, titled as "Cuentos" aka Tales in English, very ga-mi-cal name

onli take part in monsters design n animating, too noob on others, let pro handle them... eiii, but im So soso in animating too la, way to go

k less talk

some concept sketches for Cuentos

one last nightmare in TARC, one last assignment memory in TARC, giv'em ur best shoot!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blueness Port Dickson

back from Port Dickson, CSAG 2008 Reunion, Hyper-Syokness! though exhaust me gaogao but hmmmm, i love gathering =)

Bluenest sunset i ever seen
i damn love this oneHarloooooooooo~~~PD Poser

80% of 2008 Christmas celebration are done, finale now, exchange present wif AMLer =)

gonna get back my student life now

Friday, December 26, 2008


take a pause from all, watch this, twice pls

Mr.Children - Kurumi

japanese r pro, they can simply make u tear in second

生存以上 or 生活以下?

quoted from 九把刀

---- 一个不需要用名片上的字句,去解释我如何存在的谁谁谁。

really hope we can still stand for our dreams after getting older, cheers for future =)

Christmas Crap

Busy Christmas this year

Mahjong, FOC, yamcha n blah wif AMLer last nite, burn stamina gaogao

then went to Sushi Station at Kepong wif CSG8 today, celebrating Christmas of coz, together wif JiaYee's 21st, Happy Birthday wei~ n received my 1st christmas present in exchange session, weeeee

a snowglobe from a gal they called 二姐,
dunno her but hmmm, thx n Merry Christmas
n when the lucky one who choose mine unwarp the present, he stunned

since i brought him this


yummilicous Lee Kum Kee, Merry Christmas too wei

hahaha lame? not at all, 2 more exchange gift session to go, tons of surprise behind, wahahaha

greeting the same to Choon Han and Camie too, Happy 21st ya, time to Casino =)

Monday, December 22, 2008


Merry Christmas All~

finally 1 submission, can feel body getting lighter

so this is the weblog that done in one day, website based assignment again, these kinda assignment repeated sem by sem.. practice makes perfect? not in TARC, things here suck to max

SketchFish.com, Sketch + Fish, simple sia

bluff profile, n do ignore the counter
gallery, sketches of the monthcomments then, hope the JokerArt dude really exist

k done, need piece of break b4 continue

1 more week, 2 more to go, i smell freedom

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random Art 011

Happy DongZhi! yet im still rushing for assignment, happy sia

found these in external, some C.O.C. concept sketches... will b use in this assignment too since doing art blog... blah blah..

Danver, main character
concept for opponent, black wiz mayb :/Luricoda, fairy something.. yes she appearedfire creep, conceptboss, concept too :/

hmmmmm okay, move on

Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Birds Gathering

purposely went back klang last week to attend the reunion of Chinese Society in 2ndary, all AJK from 1996 to 2008 were invited, gosh... good one juniors

met wif many L-T-N-C buddies, some of them even rush back from UK, wont feel unfamiliar though lost contact for years =)

wat else can say, the gathering was a perfect shot for oldbirds like us, cant wait for the 2nd time

Opening Ceremony, 落叶终于有机会归根

Family Shot

language prob, so i wrote the rest here

back to my current life, 12 days left to submission, 17 days left to graduation, lets make things happen dudes

Monday, December 15, 2008

December Savior

received msg from G2 tis noon while on the way to KL, a cashy msg finally XD
head to G2 HQ to take it immediately

Money money Wo Ai Ni~~~

hang it b4 convert into cash, AKA 晒钱, waste duit in cantonese lol

cut the crap, week11 now, lets push AMLer~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

THE Ship

at klang now, pillow talking wif hometown buddies, all waiting the clock to hit 6 for Bakuteh, hungry sial

tot jz a 2 hours yamcha but in the end we been to Boston > Jusco for Twilight > place ourselves on the bed for some men talk, another one after 2 years ago, finally

recall me of all the hitz in our days
recall me of the teachers n their funny acts
recall me of those sweet n sour frenship, puppies things
recall me of our dreams tat we aimed for, once

makes me feel wanna take a pause in my growing, sial

damn miss those days

lol F4, laugh me die

as ming said, Titanic also will sink.. hmmmm... hope this friend-Ship can last long bah =)

6 finally, lets bakuteh~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random Art 010

wat's the date now? hmmmm dun feel recall... anyway jz done wif my Prison Break season1, finally they escaped.. few more weeks to my turn.. 2 more seasons in my storage but hmmmm... back into the date problem...

well gonna back into work, the things i been working on couple weeks ago.. hope do done it ASAP

here's the thing, illustration of the monster in our final, aka my latest wallpaper

incomplete, FAITH is the keyword, lets work it out cellmates groupmates, the same goes to AML, add oil bro n sis

ohh PS: being emo lately, sry if i did trouble any of u, gonna thx to all the partime consultor, thx wei =)

n a special 1 for my parents, thx mom n dad, for everything =)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Aren't Truly Happy

week 9 now, the FYP shuld move into the final phase, not so sure bout tat, but the stress was

being so emo lately, many probs pop out together wif the end of 2008, 好料沉底, guess so

fly or stay?
further study or work?

jz make things simple? yes i was, trying

the hardest decison ever, so far it is...

nid a consultor desperately, some words that strike on point, strong enuf to make me decide

but hardly found one =(

so don blame me on being emo, stress kills

你不是真正的快乐 - 五月天 《后青春期的诗》
You Aren't Truly Happy by Mayday, in their lastest album "Poetry of the Day After"

im not

真的, 我没事 - 符致逸
I will be fine by Adrian Fu

but im trying