Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today M'sia, Tomorrow Taiwan

Hey, Happy Chinese New Year!


enjoy ur new year gaogao k

will be going Taiwan tmr, to celebrate CNY, wuuuuu

struggle for days bout wanna bring along lappy not, yes no yes no.. NO in the end, too troublesome, nid to carry it all day long, eishh...

nvm la after this update will stop all the online entertainment for week

okay straight to the point

i try to write something, do something in my way to commemorate my graduation, college life n my youth, but too many plans ahead

i will do it quietly after all these trips

but hey, found this song in GreenBox last nite, touch my string, gaogao

左麟右李 - 一生中最愛

有天即使分离我都想你 我 真的想你

things have ended for week, not onli sadness in mind now, all mixed

of all the thing i miss the most, i miss my frens =(

i will keep this feeling for years, since everything around jz keep recall those days

jz trying to write something something, again n again

to salute how precious my frenship was =)


sleep then

hey fellows, enjoy ur Chor 1 to 8 1st, craziest plan after Chor 9, wahahaha

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cuentos - Intro

incomplete intro for Cuentos, our final year project

effect by lenglui Peng, 3D by me

prefer to say incomplete rather than noob, lol

felt nooby compare to others, arghh gonna remake it if the Cuentos crew continue working, blah

k into CNY mode d, Happy Incoming CNY everyone!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cuentos - Monster Design

done, submit, settle, finally

our final year project, Cuentos, a flash RPG, done by 6 sohaiz, me, JP, Balitong, WCH, Henry n Weekiat

work has been seperated, onli deal wif monster design n 3D matter

okay monster design 1st

lucky enuf to join this team, 宅人Crew, Zairen Crew, tons of sohai acts, sohai craps, n sohai conversations during the process, hahahahahaha

hahaha i start to miss the time we rush all these together d

Sunday, January 18, 2009


i was graduate, finally

this was the 1st thing i realize while woke up, together wif great pain, hurt my backbone in photo session wif AMLers last nite, yea the craziest photo session.. n i missed the celebration, damn regret

last nite was the showcase of AMLers, but emphasizing on the word graduation, means im now graduate, n the word AML has bcome past tense, for us at least

i was officially graduate

no more assignments, no more submission, no more MsTeng, Dahlan, Nurul, Allen, Shan, Yarshi, no more tutorial to attend, no more AMLers, no more college life

i don feel the freedom i wan yet, but onli feel voidness when woke up today, haih

i damn miss u guys, though jz right after 1 day

i miss u guys when notice the icon of Adobe, those design softwares
i miss u guys when the thumbnails of ur msn id appear on the right bottom
i miss u guys when start thinking of future
i miss u guys when typing all these

i miss all the thing we done together

sad enuf

yet im not prepare, things ended suddenly

but i miss u all lah, fucker

glad tat im not the onli emo one in AML, many more feel the same... nice then, more gathering, reunion, yamcha in the future

n some words for u guys, since we might not seeing each others d




life getting harder, gotta deal wif money, sociality, adult thingy, all the best

All the best

haih, tear drop while typing these, super emo now

Thursday, January 15, 2009


poster designed by DG

Graduation Showcase of TARC advance multimedia students, feel free to come

Date : 17 Jan 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 11am - 3pm
Venue: DK ABF, Tunku Abdul Rahman College

so meet u guys there k

less talk, less talk, do work, do work

bestest luck to Tarcians, up sky bless us

Friday, January 9, 2009

Munajat Cinta

very nice song to share =)

The Rock - Munajat Cinta

damn love the lyric

the song kinda remind me training days in KRU, some interns from MMU will repeat it once get chance, haha.. know nothin much bout Indonesia/Malay songs but this 1 definitely nice

n hey, accidentally click into this one

Anita Sarawak - Ular

post producted by MMU Interns, storyboard by me, hmmm... ahemm..

n directed by a very sohai foreigner

hahaha memorable sia

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


hey my 100th post here =)

at 1st wanna post something big lik change my header, background things, as a celebration for hitting 100 posts

but they had changed my mind

yamcha wif joshua, dylan, camie n mok jz now... lots of crap, diploma stuffs, future worries, yea yea..

enjoy the yamcha time very well, time always flies so damn fast in every yamcha period, jz like my youth =(

keep saying how i miss those days throw me into emo, but hmmmm... i really appreciate all the things that happened in life after all, the peoples, the stories n everything

so i guess i will repeat my word time to time, hey dude


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Art 013

lost this drawing for long time, get it back from SingYing few weeks ago, drew it b4 the group was dismiss

11th Community Sociology Advisory Group aka CSAG

too much to talk bout, spending half of my diploma time in this society, fucking miss those days

hmmmm... fucking miss those days

n when things remind me that im soon graduate, double mixed my feeling =(


PS: to know more bout CSAG, search through articles from here, too random, search it by urself

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chilis and MH Stall

went to Chilis at KLCC wif CSG2 during New Year Eve, plan to try something new b4 brand new year, it did, the amount of bill, shock me

traffic jam when waiting the seats, wif a lot chicks n dicks dudes.. we saw 1, exposed 70% of her shouldn expose, eye-opening

okay back, don hav photos for interior and her, ahemmm... all blur

so concern on foods then

South Western Lamb chop, 3 sets ordered, THUMBS UP
strongly recommended by some1

Mushroom Chicken? taste like mushroom n chicken, 2 sets on table

Mushroom Jack, served wif 3-4 side dishes, dough, rice, black beans, ETC
taste not bad, suit spicy lover

my New York Strip, toooo dry, but sooo in love wif its mashed potato

Crispy Crisp Chicken Crisper? tongue twisted la,
so we named it as 咕噜肉, GuLou Pork *walao the translation*
taste like 咕噜肉too, lol
ohya and can refill the drinks, how lovely
definitely will come again, when my wallet get refill =/

then we left at 10 something, din stay for count down, too crowded

i count down at MH Stall, TBR together wif mamak peoples, lol

Teh Horlick Milo Tabur, might be the nicest drink in TBR

CHEERS again, for 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Past and Future

inspired by frens, Sum n Kit.. i decided to write something for the past n future, as a record for lived life seriously in 2008 :/

can barely rmb most of them, jz list out the highlight, things that happened to b quite important

so here goes

- internship at KRU, Cicakman company, improve software skills LOTS n hmmmmm... lost my lappy
- took part in Choizes n MUD so called Multimedia Union Day, damn proud for being AMLer after these events
- join blogspot
- grab the one n onli medal in college, Champion of Tug-O-War, lmao
- join G2, sell some ice-creams n earn some extras
- intro my gal to parents for the 1st time
- deal wif FYP, go through concept changing, group combination, blih blah, the assignment that throw most effort in college days, hope it really works out
- received a very touched text msg from parents, i love you mom n dad =)
- owned a new lappy, ASUS F8VR
- Klang trip + taman pertanian, Paintball wif AMLers, WTF
- visited Malacca, all about foods and backpackers
- 1st reunion of Chinese Society in my 2ndary school, SMK Kwang Hua, recall my youth
- 2nd reunion of CSAG, been to Port Dickson, recall my youth too, deeply
- celebrate Christmas wif CSG8, i miss them a lot, seriously
- celebrate my 20th birthday wif AMLer, CSAG n CSG2, wuuu
- uncountable yamcha, FOC, Nami, midnite crap wif AMLers, CSG2, CSAG n frens, hey i appreciate this the most =)

2008 was one of the fastest year in life, thx to all these

n as for 2009, here are the resolutions

- complete FYP nicely, without any regret
- graduate myself from TARC, without any regret too
- lose weight, ewwww
- get myself some digital accessories, digicam, Wacom, 500GB external, too much
- buy myself at least 1 or 2 Master Grade or even Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kits
- read more books, refill my knowledge tank
- practice more in concept brainstorming, drawing n Photoshop, 3D too if possible
- watch Mayday or Eason's concert, if they're coming
- grow mature n stay childish, 30% serious last time, slowly increase to 70% then
- write an article to 陈老师 for 长路漫漫, as i promised
- appreciate my family more, mean it
- stay connect wif all the best damn frens in life, cant afford losing them =/
- able to handle all the ETC in more steady way
- celebrate my 21st

365 is not tat long indeed, appreciate everyday, Have some faith, as DG said

Happy New Year all, best luck in life, in everything =)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, finally

2009 finally, Happy New Year n best wishes to all people out there =)