Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sky High, Shine Bright

oh i came back from Taiwan d, last sat.. back on Chor6, CNY nearly end, n i missed all the home visiting activities, sial

nid to wait for year to meet some of the One Year Once faces, very bad

lets hang out more, no more damn busy fishy now

okay back to current while

jz finished 2 days 1 night bai nian wif AMLers, went to Kepong, Sentul, Kajang n Klang of coz, still the Lots of Fun gang, crap from the moment we met till seperated, lol fun enuf.. will talk bout this nx time

lets blog my Taiwan trip,

list something i experience through the trip:

- 7-11 n other 24 hours markets exist in every street, almost everywhere in city, WTF
- M'sia foods r nicer, true
- Taiwanese r friendly, true
- Taiwan leng lui is only a small population, tats y i don c any during the trip, WTF lah

okay 1st day, b4 boarding

passport n ticket三侠五义, story bout Justice Bao, to help me sleep better on planeChina Airlines A for Aeroplane
enjoy ur trip my master T__T , HomerBrick said

okay the plane was leaving, deep breath for 5 seconds

was damn nervous during this, walao

then the scenery outside totally change 20 mins after

n i finally saw this kinda scenery by my own eyes
nature blue
but i fall asleep after the snap, lol

ohya n this, saw a lol-ed translation on catalogue

Johnnie Walker = 约翰走路? very classical

k done, going back KL tmr, hometown was fun, but feel like lacking of something, unknown

its okay, gonna search it back tmr

good night people