Monday, March 30, 2009


another group sketches of frens =)

if not mistaken, in my memories i onli did 6 pieces of group sketches so far, 3 during 2ndary n the rest during my college years.. but i lost half of it la, slowly collecting back from frens..

it was fun to create something like this, while looking it back after years, it recalls, a lot =)

this was for them, 5A3, how's life going so far old buddies?

lets 集体回忆

n hey, i throw all of it into Facebook d, to do the tag, so if u were in 5A3, CSG2 or CSAG... add gao me in FB to let me complete the tag la uh

hmmm.. plan to do the 7th piece b4 school starts, wait for me AMLers!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3.28 Earth Day

a click
an hour
see the difference you can make

will participate wif frens n family at hometown, do join, do join, was our planet matter

Earth Hour homepage n for Malaysian, here pls

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Valentine Ketam

hey yo, so how's life? for them who still seeking for job n lifegoal, hope fine

done the application of Dasein Academy d, will b the final goal in study, 3 more years to go, cant wait to meet the 3 years after punya saya

new life begin for everyone around me, sure getting busier, garrr, still the same word, hope fine, for our frenship too

high-five n cheers


been to Pulau Ketam, Crab Island during Valentine, wif 2 more couples n another Malat Lengzai, single yet available

no more smelly air surrounded, i miss the enviroment a lot

i miss their skies, so gloomy so pink

n cycling around their kampung areas, without any worries

i miss these too, the one n onli Ketam fried ice-cream

but no credits to seafoods, at least not for this restaurant

but of all the things i miss the most, i miss the night we chit-chat whole night, like oldtime buddies
n of coz the plastic pack we used to replace the missing glasses, lol

feel warm when editing these photos, frens r the one who build up my personalities

2 more weeks for me, to enjoy slacking, growing wif these great peoples

by the way, Happy 22th to Mr.Dylan, damn lucky u, to own bunch of sohai frens like us, hahahaha

lol, so hope fine, for life =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Journey Through the Decade

finally, weee

Journey Through the decade, performed by Gackt, was the theme song of Kamen Rider Decade

enjoy the stunning hitz, Gackt's vocal is awesome

n for rider fans like me, enjoy the moment when Gackt turn into Undead to let Decade kick his ass, awesome too

bad joke, no offence, the song was really great

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Korea Trip wif AMLers

Annyong Haseyo~ at Korea now, together wif sohai buddies, Balitong, JP and Dylan, another trip after Kukup, weee~

know nothin much Korea, 1st timer, but we know the jacuzzi here very famous, so straight to there when reach, yea baby

gaygroupshot b4 jacuzzi

leng zai spotted, inside toilet

ahemm, LOL

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gundam Base Taipei

spent a week at Taiwan, feel bit bored, Taiwan sure damn fun, but most of the place i visited was not so, eish

luckily ran off this place b4 went back, thx sis

Gundam Base Taipei, located at K MAll, Taipei, the largest Gunpla store in Taipei and also known as Gundam Muzeum, they display almost every Gundam Model Kits from history *more*

damn, suit Gundam mania like me

okay jom enter

Guardians of GBT, from left 1/6(?) Freedom, Exia and Destiny
check out the muzeum

00 series sure included

Char's mecha, 马沙座机
Crossbone family
Endless Waltz series
Deep Striker
THE very first
F-90 family
PG GP-01 FB, argh
Hi-Nu n Gelgoog
Special Coating Blue Frame L, WTF
OMG Shinaju n Unicorn
RX-78 2.0
Clear color version Strike Freedom
1/35 Jumbo Grade Zeta

wanted to snap more but Digicam ran out of memory

ohya, Taiwan Gundam Model Kits damn cheap, but not this one, price at GBT is almost the same wif the well known Time Square's 7th floor, cheapeast one hide inside XiMenTing

okay jogging time, n i keep thought today was Thurs, so WTF

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taiwan Skyland

clearing my pending post slowly, okay some snaps of Taiwan trip 1st

not so pro in photo shooting, got pro told me make some spaces n campur some skies into it straight feel better, ya kah? okay la u win

lets c, random campur shot of Taiwan then

Buddha's Light Mountain, 佛光山

Sun Moon Lake's jetty, 日月潭
on the ship
Guan Gong Temple, Warrior Temple, 关圣宫
DIY tomato garden
lonely bird spotted, LeoFoo Village Theme Park, 六福村
Totem, same place
Arabian Kingdom, still LeoFoo
Space shooter? not sure, closed tat day
taken at Taiwan Grand Hotel, 圆山大饭店, hotel bhind me, duh
Taiwan Martyrs's Shrine, 忠烈祠, 蓝天刺白矛
unknown parking lot, 不知名的停车场

will upload the rest slowly.. slowly.. tired-nyer

back to KL d, gonna prepare portfolio for Dasein, challenging

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Raisel and Sefer

yo, here comes update

holidays were bored, after those trips and plans, suffering from emptiness and negative emotions, garrrrr

but hey, ignore tat 1st, lets update

finally i had finished built this up

FG (First Grade) GN-XXX Gundam Raisel n GNR-000 GN Sefer, which were some model kits i bought during Taiwan trip

with new tool, Bandai Cutter and Gundam Gold Marker! *marker is for nx kits*less parts but the structure damn nice wei

okay teleport to 1 hour after





GN-XXX Gundam Raisel is done!
so do GNR-000 GN Sefer!
and since GN Sefer is actually a supportive mecha in original story of Gundam 00, it can combine with almost all the Gundam in 00 series (for HG onli), woot

so u can make it like thisor like this
too bad don hav any 00 series HG, check out more at

my favorite shoot, lastly

one word, yeng!

two words, sleep lo!