Monday, January 18, 2010

Bird X Bird

this sem's gonna end soon, 3 more weeks to go, yet all the work still 7788 haven gaotim =/

bit tiring of all these, but okay la, quite use to this pressure level still, jz hope my body can tahan keep burning midnight oil almost everyday nia

i don really like to crap lately, so let the work do the talking

3rd piece of drawing ink practical, furry creature

practical nx up is drawing myself, LOL LOL

n found this last night, good one, keep repeat it till morning jz now, n gonna do the same tonight =/

gotta back into work, good luck everyone =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sketching 15

Happy New Year everyone!

5 days more to end this holidays, well i don feel any holiday mood pun =/

here goes some working pieces, really long time no sketch d, garrr

will write review n resolution for 2010 soon, as long as i free =/

2010 AML FYP Showcase

yo, welcome 2010, nice digit uh

January means new beginning for some fellows, for AMLers it means HELL, submission of FYP n blih blah, lol, but already been through it, so not gonna talk crap on me

so showcase for this year will be held at Music Hall, TARC, 05-06 Jan (Tues & Wed ), will support for sure, gonna cancel my no-alarm-day, watever =/

jz drop by to help oldman to promote his Final Year Project, which is the 3D animation he spent for months, drag his age from 90 to 900

Rebellion of Dark

ohya, kindly concern these 2 fellows too, Bluewindz n Kenn, very potential 3D kaki memang, geng

all the best sohai, blast the hall babey, looking forward for tmr!