Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Crap

yo Feb

Happy CNY still, 1 more week for him, more fun than wat i expected, 1 more gathering to go, woot

into extra studies now, n jz hand up second last submission, but feeling nothin happy pun =/

anyway it ends pun, words cant help, nx sem GOTTA put more effort into studies, passion too

talking bout art piece, i don really rmb wat i had done too, everyday rushing sial, jz random pick few to revive my blog

AI assignment, learning Catalina Estrada style

i rate this as the most fun assignment in 1-2 can? the workpiece had been converted into silk screen, post card, and t-shirt in the end, even print 1 for sis's bf, satisfaction hahahaha

ciao 1st, tonight is a night that allow sleeping, must appreciate

good day everyone =)